What is an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT)?

An Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) is a unique and innovative business structure that enables the transfer of ownership to employees, via a Trust arrangement, fostering a culture of shared responsibility, collaboration, and long-term success. By placing your business in an EOT, you empower your workforce, preserve your company’s values, and ensure a secure and prosperous future for all.

An EOT a tax incentivised mechanism where a Trust is created for the purpose of owning shares in a trading business. The beneficiaries of the Trust are the employees of the company, subject to certain qualifying obligations, such as a minimum period of employment.

What is it like working for an EOT
What is it like working for an Employee Ownership Trust?

Why Choose Employee Ownership Trusts?

Businesses all over the UK are embracing EOTs as a forward-thinking solution for succession planning and business continuity. Here's why:

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